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WEEKLY SCAN | February 17, 2019

A busy week for both guidance and enforcement, a full weekend full of reading. A variety of guidance and proposed rule from the FDA this week, a draft guideline on clinical trials from the EMA and a draft guidance from WHO on production of WFI by processes other than distillation. From the FDA we have two modified guidance regarding [...]

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WEEKLY SCAN | February 10, 2019

Another busy week on the guidance publication front for FDA.  Several for devices and quality, then one each for generics and a final rule for bulk drug substances for compounding. A busy week for all.  We provide the usual collection of non-guidance documents from EMA, FDA, MHRA and one from HPRA. Enforcement this week includes an interesting first-of-kind warning [...]

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WEEKLY SCAN | February 3, 2019

Seems we are back to normal with FDA back up and in business with five publications this week.  Two addressed devices, two focused on safety one on combination products and one was administrative. ICH and WHO each published one and HPRA published two documents. Enforcement was back in full swing with three drug GMP warning letters this week.  Once [...]

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MONTHLY SCAN | January, 2019

We started the first full week of the new year with a special supplement that provides an analysis of FY2018 drug warning letters.  It provides an analysis of the type of manufacturers who received drug warning letters,  the country in which they are located, interval between inspection and warning letter and import alert, and trends in areas of enforcement [...]

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WEEKLY SCAN | January 27, 2019

Almost back to normal on the FDA publication front.  Three documents, along with two from the EMA, along with Swiss Medic.  There is also the full complement of non-guidance publications from MHRA, EMA/EC, FDA, and HPRA.  Lots of reading. Enforcement included two warning letters. One was sent to an OTC manufacturer in China, and other to an infertility clinic [...]

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