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WEEKLY SCAN | March 25, 2019

Several guidance were published this week including from FDA, ICH and Health Canada.  We also have the usual collection of relevant non-guidance items from FDA, EMA, MHRA, and HPRA. There were two drug GMP warning letters posted this week, and then two to compounding pharmacies.   We also include a form-483 issued to Sun Pharmaceuticals which had a single multi-part [...]

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WEEKLY SCAN | March 18, 2019

A handful of guidance, two from FDA, four from MHRA and one from IMDRF.  We also include the non-guidance publications from EMA, FDA, MHRA and TGA. Regarding enforcement, this week had three device warning letters posted and one warning letter to a pharmaceutical manufacturer.  With recalls, one firm had > 450 products recalled as Class I recalls, and there [...]

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WEEKLY SCAN | March 10, 2019

A broad collection of guidance from FDA, EMA, MHRA, Health Canada and TGA.  This week saw a smaller than usual collection of non-guidance documents. Warning letters posted this week include ones demonstrating FDA’s continued focus on OTC product manufacturers,  and manufacturers in India including a particularly testy letter to Pfizer for a Hospira site in India that they are [...]

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WEEKLY SCAN | March 3, 2019

The big news this week is the unexpected departure of FDA Commissioner Gottlieb.  No reason is public yet, but he leaves in approximately one month.   FDA Law Blog provides a blog with a nice synopsis of his accomplishments in the two years that he served as FDA Commissioner. We have a couple of interesting guidance from FDA this week [...]

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MONTHLY SCAN | February, 2019

Happy Reading, Barbara FDA: TOBACCO: The FR announced availability of a revised draft guidance ‘Use of Investigational Tobacco Products.’ TOBACCO: The FR published a draft guidance, ‘Smoking Cessation and Related Indications:  Developing Nicotine Replacement Therapy Drug Products.’ TOBACCO: The FR announced availability of the draft guidance, ‘Enforcement policy for Certain Marketed Tobacco Products’ BLOOD ESTABLISHMENTS: Exceptions and Alternative [...]

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WEEKLY SCAN | February 24, 2019

Another busy week with guidance publication from both the US and Europe.  Good for reading on a rainy or cold weekend.  We have the usual collection of non-guidance documents from the EMA, FDA, MHR and HPRA.  This includes two annual reports from the FDA. Enforcement saw a few warning letters, and two forms 483 from recent inspections. The two [...]

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